The Holy - Vortex

The Holy - Vortex

After an eventful summer, Montreal-born DJ The Holy announces the release of his highly anticipated second EP, VORTEX.

The EP features two new songs, All About and Roll With, accompanying his previous tracks One Time and Plantera, which have garnered support from some of the biggest names in international electronic music such as David Guetta, Jamie Jones, Meduza, Benny Benassi, amongst many others.

The power and insatiable energy of his signature sound is truly present on his two new compositions. The song All About, which he premiered at Montreal's infamous Piknic Electronik in front of an electrifying crowd last July, features deep, punchy bass ripples, a driving martial cadence and spirited vocals. Roll With showcases a more melancholic tonality with its punctuated and spacious tribal sounding melodies carefully accompanied by his typical driving steady beat.

The Holy doesn't hide his production influences: the underground house and techno scene of the 90's fuelled by its numerous illegal raves as well as the Y2K era with the arrival of superstar DJs such as Darude, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Benny Benassi have always been a source of inspiration for him. He believes that the purity of visceral emotion shared in electronic music of that era is even more relevant today in the context of a pandemic.

"The many confinements we've gone through have created a sickly isolation among the general population," Holy observes. "My production perspective was based on the idea that as soon as the shows, festivals and collective life as a whole would resume, people would have a thirst to come together in community to experience strong, true and unfiltered emotions."

The bet paid off: The Holy played to a packed house in New York City earlier this summer, electrified the Mural festival last June, and delivered a memorable performance in front of one of the biggest crowds of the summer as a headliner for Piknic Electronik. 

The Holy's goal with Vortex is simple: to draw the audience into a groove where instinct and sublimity take control of their emotions.

And that, he does with brilliance.